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Professional Learning that Ensures Equitable Reading Outcomes

For leaders looking to support deeper learning, greater collaboration, and stronger literacy practice with TORSH Talent — an all-in-one configurable professional learning and coaching platform for school districts.

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Support High-Quality Practice and Service
That Improves Outcomes for Children

Provide anywhere, anytime coaching, training, and collaboration supported by actionable data with the FERPA compliant and HIPAA secure TORSH Talent platform.

Organizations of all sizes use TORSH Talent’s user-friendly, intuitive apps to scale up their professional learning programs and support educators and practitioners as they build their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Drive Ongoing Growth and Increase
Educator Effectiveness


Simplify remote observation and expand the capacity of coaches by enabling providers to record video of themselves working with children and families and share it to receive targeted, timestamped feedback and recommendations, all within the TORSH Talent platform. Integrated observation forms, frameworks, rubrics, and fidelity checklists ensure consistency among coaches and centralize all materials and activities.


Automate the pairing of learners with coaches for both just-in-time and ongoing sessions. Conduct synchronous online coaching using built-in video conferencing, or coaches can provide asynchronous feedback along with self-paced learning pathways and courses to support high-quality practice and fidelity of implementation.


Provide opportunities for educators to offer feedback to their colleagues, share best practices, brainstorm innovative solutions, and work together to achieve goals using TORSH Talent online discussion forums and synchronous video meeting tools. School districts can also build a library of exemplar videos and other resources to improve and standardize practice.


Support self-reflection, practice improvement, and fidelity of implementation by providing exemplars, frameworks, rubrics, and checklists so teachers can review their practice videos through a structured, productive lens. Coaches and learners both can set goals, create action steps, and track progress.


See the impact of professional learning and coaching on educator growth and literacy practice improvement with TORSH Talent’s detailed reports. Real-time monitoring of individual and group engagement with coaches and resources and progress in reaching goals provides school districts with insight into where professional learning can be adjusted and strengthened.

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