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Do You Need Additional Equipment to Perform Observations?

You only need equipment if you're performing a video-based observation and honestly, you don't really need anything other than a smartphone or tablet coupled with the TORSH Talent mobile app. With this simple setup, you can capture videos and upload to the cloud in a matter of seconds. However, we understand that our clients record video for a number of different purposes, and some of those purposes require higher quality audio and hands-free recording. Plus, we like giving away free stuff. It makes us feel pretty great! Register to win a package that we've diligently researched and found to be the best bang for the buck. Even if it is our buck.

"TORSH Talent allows our practitioners to capture home visit interactions that are then used for self-reflection, ongoing training purposes, and coaching calibration. We easily share videos and document key indicators through real-time comments. The ability to specifically observe what's happening when it’s happening, and learn from it to improve our practice, is invaluable. We have been using TORSH Talent for several years and continue to be great fans of the platform."

"Our coaches use TORSH Talent to capture focused observations of teacher practices that are then used to engage in reflective debriefing sessions where action plans with measurable next steps are developed. We appreciate the ability to easily share artifacts, annotate key indicators in real-time and connect with colleagues remotely. As new users, we anticipate that TORSH Talent will make our lives easier and we gladly recommend it to anyone looking to implement or improve evidence-based coaching."

"TORSH Talent is a user-friendly, effective, and secure video platform that offers us various means of collecting and providing targeted feedback. It's made our staff more intentional in our coaching strategies and has increased our use of actionable data in our coaching processes. We happily recommend it to other Early Intervention and Early Care and Education practitioners."