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Overcome the Coaching Challenges of Today, and Prepare Your Teachers for Tomorrow

Give your teachers access to practice-based coaching through a convenient, secure, and cost-effective all-in-one platform. With myCoach Connect, teachers receive personalized, one-on-one, live coaching sessions from a certified CLASS® coach.

Engage in effective coaching practices

Engage in Effective Coaching Practices

myCoach Connect enables teachers to engage in a practice-based model of coaching and supports them to:

  • Reflect on their teaching practices through the use of video
  • Analyze and discuss key moments of their own teaching practice
  • Receive feedback and immediate takeaways for improvement and growth
Smart-Match Technology Pairs Coaches and Teachers based on experience, need, skills

Connect With a Compatible, Certified CLASS® Coach

myCoach Connect brings a certified CLASS® coach to your teachers and allows them to:

  • Use the smart-match technology to select a compatible coach
  • Interact with a coach who shares similar experience, background, and values
  • Schedule time with their chosen coach(es) when it’s convenient for them

Get Personalized Feedback Quickly and Easily

myCoach Connect’s all-in-one platform and mobile app make it easier than ever for teachers to:

  • Upload a video of their teaching practice
  • Schedule and engage in a live video-conference with their selected certified CLASS coach
  • Receive and reference time-stamped feedback and ongoing discussion threads

Maximize the Potential for Every Student

Promoting students’ growth is dependent on supporting your teachers to continuously enhance and elevate their own practice. Aligned to the key components of practice-based, myCoach Connect brings a research-based coaching method to life even without a coach on staff.

Get Started with myCoach Connect

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