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Online vs In-Person Instructional Coaching Comparison

Download Child360's Full Report from Their Two-Year Study
If your organization is exploring the benefits of an online coaching method whether it is to replace your in-person program or as a supplement, this free report provides the detailed results from an in-depth study by Child360.

The report provides valuable data that compares the cost, time, and effectiveness of in-person, online, and blended coaching methods.

Key Outcomes From The Study

Savings in coaching time

Reduction in Coaching Time

Coaches reported that online coaching enabled them to accomplish more in a shorter period of time

Reduction in Drive Time

Reduction in Drive Time

Coaches reported having more energy to review their teachers’ videos because they were freed from time spent driving long distances.

Cost Savings from Online Coaching Method

Reduction in Total Costs

Online‐only coaching was found to be the most cost‐effective approach. Access to existing technology further reduced the cost of adoption.

Power Packed Features That Drive Results

Participating teachers of Child360s study cited the following benefits of using TORSH Talent as their coaching platform:

> Receiving specific, written feedback from their coaches;

> The flexibility to review video-based feedback at a convenient time of their choosing; and

> Eliminating the need to set aside a block of time for an in-person visit. 

Not only did the TORSH Talent platform make it easy for coaches to be generous with their feedback, but the virtual nature of the platform also enabled deeper coaching as eloquently summed up by one of the coaches.

“Online coaching also allows me more intentionality in its focus on actual coaching.”

TORSH Talent offers a comprehensive suite of professional learning tools for educators and practitioners. The platform is packed with everything you need to ensure a productive, professional learning experience.

Explore Platform Features

Professional Learning Platform Features and Benefits

TORSH Talent

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