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TORSH is ESSER Eligible!

Accelerate learning recovery and elevate your teacher support practices with TORSH Talent, our dynamic virtual platform for learning and collaboration.

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TORSH Talent is an All-in-One Professional Learning Platform

Support your educators to grow their practice through a variety of learning modalities.


With TORSH Talent, teachers can:

  • Record themselves teaching;
  • Reflect on their own practice;
  • Collaborate with colleagues;
  • Receive time-stamped and actionable feedback from in-district coaches and school leaders;
  • Review exemplar collections that administrators have curated.


TORSH Talent is the only professional development platform that is HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and serves tens of thousands of users in over 2,000 schools, universities, and organizations in the United States.

Invest in Teaching Effectiveness With All Three Rounds of ESSER Funds

School systems can use all three rounds of ESSER Funds (ESSER, ESSER II, or ESSER III) to invest in TORSH as part of their efforts to address critical student needs now while building towards a sustainable future.

Our online professional learning platform, TORSH Talent, offers sustainable and effective solutions for a wide range of schools, districts, and organizations working in the K-12, Early Education, and Early Intervention space.

TORSH Meets ESSER Requirements

Our virtual professional development platform allows you to:

  • Address learning loss & learning acceleration;
  • Invest in proven, high-impact strategies;
  • Design for equity;
  • Plan spending for long-term sustainability;
  • Nurture professional learning & collaboration;
  • And more!

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Learn more about how TORSH can support your efforts to accelerate learning, address learning loss, and invest in the future health of your school or district.

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