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Redefining How Technology Supports Educators

There is no one-stop solution to professional development and coaching. Our cutting edge technology and interactive platform, provides the necessary tools to ensure that there are a variety of ways to best support teachers, leaders and coaches.

The path taken to empower your team can be just as important as the destination! Let TORSH help you get there!

Address Learning Loss

Educators are doing inspiring things despite the learning loss that may have derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. While it is impossible to know, to what degree, learning loss will be impacted by the pandemic, it is important to equip educators with the tools necessary to offer the best learning opportunities for their students. Through on-going, job-embedded support in very targeted ways, educators can best meet students’ needs both in classroom and virtually.

Provide Alternative Methods to Coaching or Support Virtual Coaching Methods

Being able to support the continuous improvement of teaching and learning through virtual methods is extremely important, especially during these Covid times. No matter where instruction takes place, TORSH Talent has the ability to offer evidence-based feedback, garnish support, and provide opportunities to improve instructional practices and outcomes, no matter where your staff is located.

Improve Teacher Efficacy

Teacher efficacy is unlikely to develop without opportunities for educators to know and support each other. This doesn’t just happen overnight; rather it’s an intentional effort that requires the proper tools needed to effectively plan and develop trusting relationships. You don’t have to wait for a crisis to start these efforts. TORSH Talent is a way to purposely design a method for teacher/leader engagement that can generate collective efficacy, through feedback, communication, and transparency.


Inspire Continuous Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in meeting the needs of diverse populations and learning environments. Through collaboration, educators are able to share best practices and techniques. Teachers show more growth when they are involved in the process of continuous feedback and provided with exemplars that have had a positive impact on student learning. The ability to do so virtually adds an additional benefit to traditional collaboration, mainly the ability to share and learn from educators near and far, at any time.


Celebrate Successes

TORSH Talent shares in celebrating the successes of your teams, by providing a method to recognize wins- which can be essential to creating a positive learning environment. The ability to share success stories and highlight teacher/student effectiveness leads to greater retention and facilitates mutual support and encouragement.

Customer Success Stories

Take your professional development and evaluation methods to the next level!

With TORSH Talent you have the ability to:

Address Learning Loss   |  Expand Capacity  |  Improve Efficiency
Encourage a Collaborative Learning Environment | Celebrate Successes

Allow us to share success stories from educators across the country who are currently utilizing our platform!

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