Unlocking the instructional black box


All teachers want to be great. They want to be great not for greatness’ sake, but because when they are at their instructional best, learning becomes contagious and students excel.

Here at Torsh, we help teachers pursue greatness by “unlocking the instructional black box” in ways that demystify the art of highly effective instruction.  Our powerful tools and services help educators deepen their understanding of what is happening in the classroom while simultaneously enabling them to track how these trends impact student learning.

And we do all of this in a scalable, cost effective way that increases returns on professional development investments while reducing total teacher development costs —  a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. We are committed to helping teachers, administrators and students achieve it, one step at a time, one day at a time, one video at a time.


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How are educators like elite athletes? What strategies can we use to better support teacher professional development? How does Torsh Inc. collaborate with teachers to build our PD tools? Torsh Inc. CEO and co-founder Courtney Williams addresses these questions and more in an interview with Core of Education’s Dr. Rod Berger for American EDtv at the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) 2014 conference.

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As teacher evaluations and a culture of accountability become more entrenched in our schools, the use of video as an observational tool will become more prevalent. Not only is video observation a more cost effective method of capturing teacher interactions, it also helps teachers improve by facilitating self reflection and efficient feedback loops with peers and mentors. Here is an overview of some scholarly articles that support the use of videos.

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Summer is in full swing! We hope that you’re enjoying a well-deserved break! Here at Torsh, we’re spending the summer going to conferences and working hard to improve and develop our tools to support your practice. Check here for the latest news about the conferences and events we’re attending. If you hear of an exciting conference or event that we shouldn’t miss, or you would like us to help you promote some of your events, drop us an email on the Contact Us page!

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