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TORSH Talent is a secure online Professional Development platform that allows you to create a dynamic Professional Learning Community for your educators. It enables you to quickly and easily upload and manage large quantities of observation videos and other files across different networks. TORSH Talent allows you to efficiently provide coaching and evidence-based feedback over the internet. Its main objective is to make it easy for you to focus on important goals like helping educators increase core competencies so they are able to deliver a better educational experience to students.

We take user privacy very seriously here at TORSH. All videos, files, and data stored on TORSH Talent are private to you and are securely stored in accordance with some of the strictest security protocols in the industry. Additionally, our collaboration platform is designed so that only the owner of a video or file will be able to view that video or file unless it is specifically shared with others. Ask us about our security protocols and we’ll gladly share them with you.

All videos, files, and data stored on TORSH Talent belong to you and only you. TORSH or anyone else cannot use your videos, files or data without your permission. If you terminate your relationship with us for any reason, you can take all of your videos, files, and data with you or instruct us to destroy them.

The price of TORSH Talent is based on a per-user license fee. We offer a variety of pricing plans that are designed to meet your specific needs. Please see our pricing page or contact our Sales Team for help finding the plan that works for you.

We work with independent schools, charter schools, school districts, higher education organizations, teacher professional development organizations, and other education organizations including early education and early intervention. For some examples of the customers that we work with and how they have benefitted from using TORSH Talent, please visit our Solutions pages.

We have a wide range of customers who use TORSH Talent in a variety of ways. Many use TORSH Talent to supplement their already established internal coaching programs. Others, such as professional development organizations, use TORSH Talent to reach more of their own customers through remote coaching. Additionally, there are some that use TORSH Talent as an evaluative tool and to document evidence and data. Check out our Solutions pages to learn more!

Our contracts vary in length from 1 year to 5 years. Whether you’re interested in a short term pilot or a full-length network roll-out, we are flexible and responsive to your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

You can use any recording device to record videos to be uploaded to TORSH Talent including but not limited to: phones, tablets, desktops (with a camera), laptops (with built-in camera), flipcam, or any other type of video recording device.

Yes! You can customize TORSH Talent with your organization’s colors and logo to give it the look and feel you want. Additionally, if there are certain features of TORSH Talent that are not applicable to your users they can be turned off.

Yes. TORSH Talent is LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compliant, and we currently integrate seamlessly with several different LMS providers including Canvas, Blackboard, and Sakai.

Yes. We have developed the TORSH Talent API to expose a number of core features to our clients so that they can integrate TORSH Talent with their custom applications or platforms. Our goal is to develop a robust API so we are continually adding functionality. In addition, TORSH Talent also allows single sign on to your environment through a SAML-based single-sign-on that can be integrated into a variety of authentication providers.

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