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Get more value and results from your budget with TORSH Talent’s diverse array of professional learning tools

Ensure productive professional development for your K-12 educators with TORSH Talent.

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Rockdale County Public Schools

Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPCS) began using TORSH Talent as a way to remotely observe their induction phase teachers in 2018. RCPS employs TORSH Talent as an effective tool for offering and receiving feedback over the course of the school year. Teachers set personal performance goals and upload two new observation videos to the platform monthly. Coaches are then able to give evidence-based feedback using custom digital rubrics in TORSH Talent that are specific to each induction teacher and their unique goals. They are able to analyze data using the Insights module in TORSH Talent to truly customize each teacher’s development. Rockdale increased the number of TORSH Talent users from 100 to 350 after identifying that structured feedback drastically improved classroom practices. To capitalize on the achievements of their outstanding teachers and classrooms, Rockdale is constructing a repository of videos of best practices in TORSH Talent’s Exemplar Library module to aid in professional development.

Ursala Maddox

Coordinator of Teacher Effectiveness, Rockdale County Public Schools

“Teachers are gaining more confidence and self-efficacy which, in turn, increases student achievement at Rockdale County Public Schools.”

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K-12 Professional Learning to the Benefit of Students

Greenbush - The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center

Julie Jameson and Linda Dixon

Project Director and Assistant Project Director, eMSS

“e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) uses the TORSH Talent Platform to support new Kansas Special Education teachers across our state. New teachers are placed in a forum with veterans and other new teachers with similar grade levels and student exceptionality experiences. Weekly discussions occur in these forums and provide a place where they can collaboratively interact and exchange resources, ideas and common challenges. The Custom Workflow module is utilized to house our Explorations, a place where new teachers can hone in on areas that they would like to receive individual guidance and resources to move their teaching practice forward. In addition, our mentees can easily record and share videos of their teaching by using the TORSH Talent App. Using the time-synced comment feature, our mentors are able to view and provide specific and meaningful feedback to the videos.”

Success Academy Charter Schools

Success Academy recognized from the very beginning that building and sustaining a strong culture of professional reflection, analysis, feedback, and continuous improvement would be key to ensuring that its teachers were highly effective educators whose students enjoy learning and achieve at high levels. To support this vision, they created an archive of instructional best practices for their teachers comprised of videos gathered from their teachers and professionally filmed exemplars. As Success Academy expanded, they recognized that they needed a way to effectively scale their teacher observation and coaching programs. TORSH Talent provided them with a secure, cloud-based online learning platform that was easily integrated into Success Academy’s existing learning ecosystem. Not only will TORSH Talent’s powerful and robust feature set allow them to develop their current cohort of educators, but it will continue to support their ongoing growth as they scale from 45 schools to 100 schools in the near future.

Brittany Davis-Roberti

Instructional Training Specialist, Success Academy Charter Schools

“At Success Academy, we use TORSH Talent in multiple ways, ranging from training to observing teachers to performance reviews. TORSH Talent gives our instructional leaders the capacity to observe, provide feedback, set goals, and collect data on teacher performance – all in one place.”

Nashville Teacher Residency

Nashville Teacher Residency specializes in recruiting and training middle and high school teachers in Middle Tennessee. They have used TORSH Talent to seamlessly integrate video observation into their community in a way that encourages the establishment of new relationships and the strengthening of existing ones. The ability to easily share videos within the administrative team and between the residents is a key factor in their success with the platform. TORSH Talent’s collaboration tool gives their residents a place to comment on each other’s work, which, in addition to receiving feedback from coaches, reinforces core concepts that they are practicing and normalizes mistakes, creating a strong and supportive community. Finally, the integration of Nashville’s custom instructional rubrics into its instance of TORSH Talent makes data tracking and analysis simple and further feed the evidence-based feedback loop.

Jesse Gray

Programs Manager, Nashville Teacher Residency

“TORSH Talent has allowed us to bring video into our community in ways that integrate seamlessly and strengthen existing relationships. We love how easy it is to share video within the admin team and between our residents. The ability to have our residents comment on each other’s work – in addition to receiving feedback from coaches – reinforces core concepts that they’re practicing and normalizes mistakes, creating a great community vibe. Finally, the integration of our rubrics into our platform makes data tracking and analysis a breeze.”

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