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Foster a culture of continuous improvement by providing your team with TORSH Talent’s comprehensive suite of professional learning tools

Strengthen your Early Education program with TORSH Talent’s powerful professional learning features

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The University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico’s Center for Development and Disability, in partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department, is supporting the implementation of FOCUS: Essential Elements of Quality for all of New Mexico Public School Preschool Programs. The TORSH Talent platform makes video observations seamless and unobtrusive while at the same time collecting data for further analysis of the FOCUS program and the implementation of the Practice-Based Coaching model. TORSH Talent allows coaches to utilize their program’s Menu of Practices as a custom rubric to give insightful feedback to teachers at various points in an observation. Teachers are then able, within TORSH Talent, to align their goals with multiple elements of the Menu of Practices to ensure they are maintaining their adherence to the FOCUS program and steadily improving the quality of their teaching practice.

Mary Jimerson

Early Childhood Instructional Coach, Central Region Educational Cooperative

“TORSH Talent has given our teachers the ability to record their focused-teaching practices, upload videos, and share them with their coach and colleagues to receive feedback. The Platform has helped increase interactions between teachers and coaches, reflective practices, goal setting, and monitoring, all while giving us the ability to collect and store data, create a resource library, and reduce travel. These advances in our coaching program are showing us first-hand the major impacts that implementing TORSH Talent is having on the teachers and children we serve.”

Acelero Learning

Acelero is devoted to bringing a relentless focus on positive family and child outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities. The ease of capturing and sharing of video with TORSH Talent has reduced technological barriers for observations and the cumbersome nature of a paper-based system in their Head Start program. With TORSH Talent’s ability to conduct remote coaching across their network, they are continually able to quickly build staff capacity and ensure reliability with their family engagement and instructional practice goals. Time-synced video allows for concrete, reflective feedback with the observation front and center, rather than a hazy recollection of events. TORSH Talent’s platform complements their model so that staff can see where they’ve been successful and where they have opportunities to grow.

Sarah Mudd

Director of Family and Community Engagement, Acelero Learning

“Using TORSH has benefitted Acelero Learning’s coaching model in so many ways! The ease of using video has reduced technology barriers and the distraction of paper. TORSH’s software complements our model so that staff can really see where they’ve been successful and where they have opportunities to grow!”

Triumph Inc.

Triumph Inc. supports children and families in Massachusetts with early education and head start programs. They first deployed TORSH Talent solely as a coaching tool for teachers that utilized the collaboration features to upload and share observation videos for feedback from both coaches and peers. The benefits they were able to realize from this type of use convinced them to make TORSH Talent the backbone of their new teacher orientation, training, and professional development programs. The ease of capturing and sharing videos on the platform led them to use it to educate parents, share best practice examples of the curriculum in use, and even train staff on administrative tasks like submitting an injury report.

Melinda Cabral

Education Manager, Triumph Inc.

“When we started using TORSH Talent it was specifically for coaching our teachers. TORSH Talent can be used to train and coach far beyond education. We hope to be able to expand our use of the platform to introduce other components of our organization to the tool.”


Child360 is an organization dedicated to improving the learning outcomes for young children in Early Education programs. TORSH Talent has enabled them to offer their providers the same access and level of coaching, no matter their location, in an economical way. Through TORSH Talent’s platform, they were able to easily supervise and manage their coaching staff as they mentored their Early Education providers. It fosters meaningful and productive bonds between providers and coaching staff over the course of the school year. With the help of TORSH Talent’s powerful collaboration and communication tools, Child360 has been able to successfully increase the capacity and effectiveness of its coaches, regardless of location.

Drew Barrett

STEAM in Early Education, Child360

“TORSH has been a tremendous asset to our organization’s goal of providing affordable, high-quality coaching experiences to early education providers in local and geographically hard-to-reach areas. TORSH’s platform allowed coaching staff and providers to develop and maintain positive relationships over the course of the school year. Moving forward, we feel TORSH will be a great addition to our coaching efforts.”

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