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Invest in a platform that makes coaching and professional learning a simple yet enriching experience for faculty and students

Learn how TORSH Talent supports research, teacher residency, and a wide range of degree programs.

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NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency

The Steinhardt Teacher Residency program at NYU offers its masters degree candidates the opportunity to apprentice full-time with highly effective teachers across the country while completing all of their required coursework online. The teacher apprentices enrolled in this program use TORSH Talent to capture their classroom experiences on video and share them with their faculty advisors. They also use the TORSH Talent platform to complete their course assignments and interact with their mentors. NYU believes that providing students and faculty with access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that ensures consistent communication and incorporates powerful collaboration tools is key to sustaining their Teacher Residency program.  TORSH Talent has proven more than capable of satisfying the program’s diverse and evolving needs.

Ilana Levinson

Manager of Academic Technology Services at NYU Steinhardt

“TORSH Talent is the ‘Porsche’ of video-based observation tools.”

Higher Education Professional Learning Platform

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins School of Education utilizes TORSH Talent to create online portfolios of their students’ performances in the classroom for their teacher education programs. Faculty, coaches, and supervisors observe teachers in action and provide feedback with TORSH Talent’s versatile suite of observation, feedback, and coaching tools. TORSH Talent is also symbiotically integrated with JHU’s current LMS, Blackboard, to maximize their existing system and create further efficiencies. Johns Hopkins University’s Counseling Programs and its partnership with Teach For America also utilize TORSH Talent. JHU’s School of Education will be using TORSH Talent’s embedded edTPA submission tool to complete a variety of modules that are essential for their students to become certified teachers.

Debbie Hollick

Director, Teacher Development Partnership, Johns Hopkins University School of Education

“TORSH Talent provides a seamless and fluid experience that offers the most accurate depiction of a teacher at work which means the learning experience and collaborative encounters are much richer.”

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame believes that one of the most significant ways to improve teaching is through reflective practice and guided coaching. However, they work with teachers who are spread across the country and, therefore, cannot physically be in their classrooms regularly. Their solution to this problem is to allow their teachers to “open windows” into their practice by utilizing TORSH Talent’s collaboration tools. TORSH Talent provides an uncomplicated user interface and the capacity to have meaningful coaching conversations across three different time zones through the uploading and sharing of video observations. The use of videos allows teachers to see themselves in action, which in turn promotes self-reflection and growth.

Matthew Kloser, Ph.D.

Director, Notre Dame Center for STEM Education

“One of the greatest ways to improve teaching is through reflective practice and guided coaching. We work with teachers across the country and cannot be in their classrooms on a regular basis. We need to open windows into their practice through other means. TORSH Talent provides the easy user interface and capacity to have meaningful coaching conversations three time zones away. While teachers benefit from this tool, students are the ultimate beneficiaries.”

Purdue University

Purdue University has found the effects of an excellent mentoring program for educators in its K-12 STEM Engagement program to be especially impactful and far-reaching. They use TORSH Talent as a way to simplify and supplement their existing mentorship program. With their mentors and mentees usually working in the same school, mentors can establish a relationship with their mentees face-to-face with an initial observation in which they also instruct mentees on how to record and share videos of their practice. The TORSH Talent platform enables the convenient sharing of videos in a way that also encourages a feedback and communication loop that reduces the pressures and anxieties associated with in-person observations for new teachers. Additionally, TORSH Talent provides a repository for all of the teachers’ videos so they can focus on improving their current lessons, not on trying to remember what happened or when. By leveraging the collaboration and exemplar library modules of TORSH Talent, teachers can put their focus firmly on what matters most- their growth and the improvement of their students’ outcomes.

Jennifer Hicks

Director, K-12 STEM Engagement, Purdue University

“TORSH has been invaluable for us in helping new teachers see their own practice and working toward improving that without feeling the pressure of evaluation. TORSH Talent has made the process of getting feedback one that our new teacher mentees look forward to instead of provoking anxiety.”

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