Observe. Measure. Coach. Reflect. Collaborate.
We are an online PD platform that helps school leaders support educators through the entire growth cycle of assessment, observation, feedback, goal-setting and coaching.

Great Teachers Matter

Our video-based and in-person classroom observation tools make it easy for educators to observe teachers in action, reflect on practice, collaborate with mentors and peers, measure the effectiveness of classroom instruction, and access high quality virtual coaching at scale.

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"At Brooke, video plays a huge role in every aspect of our PD programs. Thanks to the power of TORSH Talent, videos of nearly every teacher and leader are viewed, studied and analyzed for elements of effective instruction. This commitment to self-reflection and the sharing of best practices is integral to our success. TORSH Talent is an invaluable tool that powers our professional development process." Katie Megrian, Principal, Brooke High School