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Save time with one platform that puts observation, coaching, and professional learning in one convenient and robust package. Whether you work in one location or many, TORSH Talent puts everything you need at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Inspire your staff by investing in their professional growth with a platform they love that integrates easily into their existing routines.

Professional Learning Community
Professional Learning Observations
Professional Learning Goals
Track Professional Learning Insights

Supporting your growth is our goal

TORSH Talent provides unmatched security and a platform that scales from a small team to a geographically diverse network.

TORSH Talent is HIPAA Secure and Ferpa Compliant

ROI of virtual classroom observation platforms

Make your training and PD budget work for you

TORSH Talent enables you to quickly and effectively identify opportunities for improvement. Bring a cost-efficient tool to your organization to maximize the growth and improvement potential for your team.

Success Stories


K-12 Educator Review of Professional learning Platform by CEO and Founder of Success Academy Charter Schools

“Teaching is performance art. Like athletes and actors, teachers can make a dramatic improvement when they receive feedback on their performance and when they can observe and analyze the performance of their peers. TORSH Talent allows us to do just that for an individual or across our entire network.”

Eva Moskowitz

CEO and Founder of Success Academy Charter Schools
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Higher Education

Higher Education Professional Learning Platform Review by Director, K-12 STEM Engagement, Purdue University

“TORSH has been invaluable for us in helping new teachers see their practice and work towards improving that without feeling the pressure of evaluation. TORSH Talent has made the process of getting feedback one that our new teacher mentees look forward to instead of provoking anxiety.”

Jennifer Hicks

Director, K-12 STEM Engagement, Purdue University
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Early Education

Early Education Professional Learning Review by Early Childhood Instructional Coaching Coordinator, Central Region Educational Cooperative (CREC)

"The use of TORSH Talent has supported early childhood teachers to grow in their professional practice. We have received multiple anecdotal stories regarding how having the opportunity to record video and then review and reflect on their practice has helped not only new teachers but those who may have thought they did not need a coach! The ability to provide time-stamped feedback on the video has allowed coaches to engage teachers in bi-lateral reflection and dialogue before the scheduled reflection and feedback meeting. Coaches are also video recording their coaching meetings for self-reflection, engaging in the parallel process."

Terri Tapia

Early Childhood Instructional Coaching Coordinator, Central Region Educational Cooperative (CREC)
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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Professional Learning Platform Review by Professor Emeritus, Florida State University

“In the past, we used multiple programs and platforms to conduct coaching sessions. With TORSH Talent, we are able to have our early intervention providers in other states upload, watch, comment, and conduct self-assessments on their videos all in one place.”

Juliann J. Woods, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow

Professor Emeritus, Florida State University
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