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Beyond Zoom: How Schools Are Improving The Online Education Experience



Video conferencing and webinar tools, like Zoom, have become essential as all education institutions transition to remote learning. The day when in-person schooling will resume is uncertain and schools need to have the highest-quality tools possible to keep providing their students with quality education.

But even as we see a return to the classroom, the benefit of adopting these tools has proven to be useful in more ways than just in response to remote education during a pandemic. The lessons learned along with the tools adopted are a part of how education evolves.

For many schools, the incorporation of video as a means to provide remote instruction is not new. Platforms like Zoom continue to serve as the superior choice to present and capture lessons, but the value of those lessons exceeds what it and other video conferencing platforms are capable of.

To get more out of the investment in remote instruction, administrators integrate tools to work with the video content captured on these platforms. Recordings are also used for classroom observation and professional learning, among other features that compensate for the lack of in-person interaction.

Those using TORSH Talent prior to COVID-19 were at a significant advantage, as the platform is already outfitted for remote (or in-person) professional development. These organizations were already harnessing the power of video for professional learning.

Beyond video, many organizations using TORSH Talent had familiarized their staff with online instruction and provided them with libraries consisting of supporting exemplary content. All of this, coupled with actionable data and expert coaching to promote high-quality growth opportunities for educators, positioned these partners at an advantage when the sudden transition to remote education became a reality for all.

TORSH Talent is built to compliment video platforms like Zoom, not to compete. Zoom’s capabilities are known by most; it is where TORSH Talent continues to carry that value through specifically for those in the education space that makes the combination a game-changer for educational organizations.

Beyond Zoom for better online education
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