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Homeschool Community Shares Resources with Parents During COVID Crisis



As many struggle to be both parents and part-time teachers in the wake of current events, the homeschooling community is coming to the rescue by sharing their collection of resources.

The School at Home Website provides schedule samples for all grade levels between K through 12, subject-specific resources, virtual field trips, and grade-level reading suggestions. The site is free to access and the result of a collaboration between Inspire Family of Schools, the Pacific Coast Academy, Mission Vista Academy, and Cabrillo Point Academy.

School at Home Resource

For those in need of Special Education Resources during COVID-19, the site links to different SPED resources including content compiled by Dr. Amanda Johnson.

Special Education Resources

A few final words of advice to ALL that visit the School at Home Website is something that we can all get behind: Breathe. Slow Inhale. Slow Exhale. You’ve Got This.

Click Here to view other COVID-19 resources


Angela Daliet manages Business Development specializing in Early Education at Torsh. After earning her B.S. from the University of New Orleans, Angela successfully worked as an investment advisor and financial planning firm coach for several years. Upon learning her children’s public school had no immediate plans to reopen post-Katrina, she established the non-profit Save Our Schools NOLA to help leverage students, parents, teachers, and residents as informed, effective advocates for equitable access to local, high-quality schools and programs.

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