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How to Provide High-Quality Virtual Coaching in a Remote World



Administrators and educators have had to switch gears to support virtual classroom instruction. Times are challenging, but technology can play an essential role in focusing on your teachers’ growth and development. We wanted to share with you some customer examples and suggestions of how TORSH Talent can support you in a distance learning environment.

Feedback on Virtual Classes

With the shift to virtual learning, a large K12 public school district is using their LMS to provide coursework to their students. Students are required to attend office hours and live classes with their teachers. Teachers conduct and record these classroom sessions using Microsoft Teams. Once a month, they upload a virtual lesson to TORSH Talent and share it with mentors for feedback using our time-stamped video commenting tool. Based on the feedback, coaches create goals for their teachers in TORSH Talent so the teachers can easily see what needs work and their progress as they achieve goals.

Self Reflection & Evaluation 

A state department of education uses TORSH Talent to encourage teachers to upload videos of their classes once a month. Using our time-stamped video commenting feature, the teacher self-reflects and contextualizes the video to request feedback from their coaches in growth areas. Every other month, teachers attach a lesson plan and corresponding student work to their video so facilitators can perform a comprehensive evaluation using their customized evaluation rubric on TORSH Talent. 

Rubric Adaption for Remote Instruction

One charter school network adapted their in-person observation rubric to meet the needs of remote instruction. Teachers record their virtual classes and upload them to TORSH Talent. Teachers then share the videos with their coaches, who conduct a rubric-based observation. 

Using these adaptations, teachers can receive the same high-quality coaching, in a remote world. Being virtual does not mean anyone has to give up valuable mentorship, and those examples highlight only a few of the amazing TORSH Talent features that facilitate remote workflows

More features our users love:

In-Person (Virtual) Observations

Coaches can join a live virtual classroom session to conduct an observation using our in-person observation tool.

Exemplar Library

Share virtual classroom resources and examples of best practices for teachers to view and grow their virtual teaching skills.


Since it is not as easy for teachers to collaborate in-person, create virtual learning communities using our forums feature as a way to share resources, and facilitate discussion.

Zoom Integration & Chat

Integrate with Zoom to host coaching sessions on TORSH Talent. The recordings will automatically upload and share with the meeting participants. Use our chat feature to stay connected and collaborate via an easy to use direct messaging tool. 

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