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Collaborating Made Easy: Introducing Document Annotation

Krystal Henderson


A new feature subtlely entered the TALENT universe recently: Document Annotation. Document Annotation allows you to make comments to any portion of a document that has been uploaded to TALENT.  You can then share your comments with others, who can reply with comments of their own. We’re happy to have released this easy-to-use tool, which will  simplify the process of collaborating on documents that are in our system. To celebrate, we have a few things to share about using this new feature.

 In Brief

When you next open one of your uploaded documents, you’ll notice that it looks a bit different. Below the “Share” button, there are buttons to “Toggle Highlighting” and to switch annotation mode on and off. You will still see the options to edit the document title, description, tags, and collections; as well as the options to rotate the view, and to change the viewing zoom level. To get started with document annotating, just click the highlighter.

 The Learning Curve

In general, annotating your document is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First, highlight the text you want to annotate. Next, click the comment icon to open a comment box. Then type your remarks and click the green “Comment” button to save. After sharing your document with your colleague, PLC, or coach, they can easily collaborate with you by annotating the document, and using the “Reply” button to add their insights to your comments. It’s really that simple!

 Some Housekeeping Items

Document annotation is available to all TALENT systems. As you get comfortable using this new feature, you’ll notice the pop-ups alerting you to the “rules” for using the annotation tools. You can use the “Got it, don’t show me again” option to close the alert for good. Just remember that the highlighter is only enabled when the document is viewed at 100%, and is rotated to its uploaded orientation. With that said, you’re ready to start the conversation.

We’re excited about making it simpler to give feedback on your colleagues’ lesson plans, curriculum materials and more, directly in TALENT. We hope that you’ll take the opportunity to connect with us about how this new tool, and all of the TALENT tools are making an impact in your professional development. If you have any questions or feedback about your TALENT features, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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