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Ochsner’s Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development Turns to Torsh to Improve Services for Children and Enhance Engagement Between Clinicians, Patients & Parent



Torsh is pleased to announce its partnership with Ochsner’s Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development to provide its HIPAA-secure platform used by physicians, clinicians, and parents that allows for observation, collaboration, and support. 

The TORSH Talent platform will initially be used at the Boh Center’s Feeding Therapy Clinic as well as with participants of their Developmental Assessment program. The clinic works with children who have trouble eating due to pickiness, G-tube dependencies, endangerment, or other factors. At the Feeding Therapy Clinic, specialists work to minimize the challenges that accompany clinic feedings, which often involves observations by many different physicians and/or clinicians. These observations are captured on video and shared with the many members of each patient’s treatment team. Patients who cannot physically visit the Center, are assessed and treated through a program called Developmental Assessments, via video. Through this process, parents/guardians provide videos, usually around five, for clinicians and physicians to observe, assess, treat and support the patient and families

TORSH Talent’s HIPAA-compliant offering provides both programs with a secure, easy-to-use platform for video engagements and observations to take place. The results of this more efficient process are time saved by providers, expanding their capacity to work with more patients, while enhancing their interaction with parents through specific evidence-based feedback. 

The Boh Center is already looking to future opportunities to utilize other features of the Torsh platform by digitizing evaluation forms, creating a resource center for providers and parents, as well as expanding access to other clinics and programs. 

Ochsner has a reputation for leveraging cutting-edge technology to the benefit of its patients. We at Torsh are honored to work with this team of innovators in support of their continued quest for improved patient engagement, process improvements, and a commitment to patient data security.   


About Torsh

Founded in 2012, Torsh began as a video collaboration tool that has since evolved into a full-service platform used by educators, providers, families, and specialists to improve outcomes and services for children and students nationwide. The platform allows for facilitation via both in-person and video observations by empowering users to easily and conveniently self-assess and reflect on practice and behaviors, receive meaningful standards-aligned coaching, richly collaborate with mentors and peers, quickly access exemplar video and file examples, and measure critical evidence-based data insights. TORSH Talent also seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms like zoom, Canvas, and Salesforce. TORSH Talent is HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and serves tens of thousands of users in over 2,000 centers, schools, universities, and organizations in the United States. For more information, visit

About The Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development

The Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with developmental disorders through comprehensive interdisciplinary team evaluations, integrated treatment protocols, high-quality evidence-based patient care, the direction of special education services, and professional education and research. For more information, please visit

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