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September Monthly Update

Kjersti Ulvestad


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Happy September! We hope the school year is off to a good start! Here at Torsh we have some exciting new updates! Read more about them below!


Feature Updates

Document Annotation: Drum roll please….This past week we released document annotation in TALENT!! You are now able to highlight text, comment, and reply to comments in any document uploaded to TALENT. Give feedback on your colleagues’ lesson plans, curriculum materials and more directly in TALENT. Check it out by navigating to any of your uploaded documents today!

Document annotation is available to all TALENT systems. Don’t see it? Or having difficulties using it? Reach out to your account manager or!

We’ve had many new and exciting features come out this past year including a revamped Exemplar library, Forums, Coaching Corner, and Insights! Let us know if you have any questions about how you can start implementing these features at your organization today!


Blog Posts

We are excited to announce that Denice Mitchell has recently joined Torsh as our new Manager of Business Development. Learn more about Denice by reading her recent blog post.

ThinkLaw – an organization that helps educators teach critical thinking skills – uses Torsh TALENT to impact teachers and students across eleven states. Read more about their innovative work on our new Client Spotlight blog post.

Courtney discusses the Disconnect between Education and Entrepreneurship in his latest Forbes blog post.

Top Articles to Read

– Our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey! The Atlantic talks about the long term impact Hurricane Harvey will have on school aged children – How Schoolchildren Will Cope With Hurricane Harvey

– In the New York Times, we learn more about The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students. They’re not partying and enjoying college life at an Ivy League but rather the majority are living at home and working to make college more affordable.

– Wanted: drone teachers! “Thousands of drone-related jobs are projected to be added to the nation’s economy…” – The Value of Bringing Drones to the Classroom

Courtney’s Quote of the Day

“[In the U.S], we are consistently graduating kids from high school who don’t have the necessary skills to meet the demands of a 21st century economy…As entrepreneurs, this should set off alarm bells. Building a business requires a certain mix of people with the right set of skills. If you can’t find these people, then an already exhausting climb will start feeling more like scaling Everest itself. ”

– Torsh CEO Courtney Williams

Courtney speaks out about education to the entrepreneurship community. Read more in his recent Forbes blog post, The Disconnect Between Education and Entrepreneurship.

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August Monthly Update

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