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Teach Plus discusses Torsh TALENT at ISTE 2017

Lynn Bagwan


This month, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is holding their 2017 Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas. This annual event draws more than 15,000 educators from across the U.S., who gather to discuss the best and most innovative technology used for teacher professional development. Our client, Teach Plus, will present a seminar on how to “Expand Learning Impact Using Coaching Technology.” One “coaching technology” they use is none other than TALENT, our proprietary platform for teacher training.  


Teach Plus is uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of technology as a tool to facilitate teacher professional development. As a self-proclaimed “professional learning network,” they provide teacher-led learning experiences that allow “the best teachers to spread their expertise and drive improved student learning beyond their own classrooms.” To accomplish this goal, Teach Plus works with schools, districts and regions around the country, devising specialized programs to improve teacher effectiveness.  


Using TALENT, Teach Plus is able to seamlessly connect teachers with other educators who can benefit from their knowledge and learn from their best practices. TALENT enables the teachers in their programs to conduct virtual meetings, share documents such as lesson plans and other materials, review videos of classroom performance with time-synced comments, and submit videos for feedback from coaches and leaders. Using high-quality virtual coaching as part of their Teacher-Led Professional Learning (TLPL) has lead to remarkable gains for teachers implementing new teaching standards and strategies.  


Teach Plus believes that it is teachers who can, and should, lead the way towards improvements in education, both in terms of policy and practice. Their initial network of 16 teachers when they were founded in 2007 has grown to over 12,000 teachers.  


We are honored that Teach Plus holds TALENT in such high regard, and proud that they consider it an indispensable tool in their work. We wish them the best of luck in their presentation at the ISTE Conference. We know they’ll do great!

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