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Torsh TALENT Reinvents Itself With New And Improved Functionality To Support Coaching

Lynn Bagwan


NEW ORLEANS – Torsh, Inc., an education technology company, has launched a new version of Torsh TALENT, the company’s proprietary online professional development platform that enables organizations to support educator growth through the entire development cycle of observation, assessment, goal-setting, feedback and coaching. The new version includes significant stylistic and navigation upgrades plus the addition of  “Coaching Corner,” a new module that brings together multiple tools to simplify and enhance the coaching process.

Courtney Williams, CEO of Torsh, said that, “Coaching Corner provides a suite of tools that improves the coaching experience for teachers, coaches and administrators, whether conducted in-person or virtually, and will make a world of difference for time-strapped educators.”

The new functionality, along with other improvements to be released over the coming months, are designed to enable Torsh clients (schools, districts, universities, early education providers, and nonprofit service providers) to effectively provide blended professional development opportunities to a range of educators in classrooms across the country. Educator needs are becoming more complex and Torsh is committed to serving those needs whether delivered through traditional in-person activities or virtually via online interactions. Known primarily for its industry leading video observation platform, this new functionality allows Torsh to broaden the scope of Torsh TALENT to also support many of the activities associated with in-person (non-video) observation, feedback and coaching.

In addition to providing a simple and straightforward workflow optimized for delivering feedback and coaching, the Coaching Corner module allows organizations to:

– Conduct in-person and video-based observations/evaluations

– Assess educator strengths and weaknesses with customized rubrics/frameworks

– Create goals, monitor progress, and track educator growth over time

– Organize feedback and associated artifacts and resources into electronic portfolios

– Track coaching dosage, frequency and effectiveness via custom coaching logs

– Schedule sessions via a built-in calendar tool that integrates with Google Calendar

– Produce detailed data reports across individuals, schools, districts and custom groups

Melissa Scheve, Project Director of Stanford University’s Hollyhock Fellowship Program and a Torsh client, said that, “We look forward to utilizing Coaching Corner and taking full advantage of the many new tools provided. We fully expect these new features in TALENT to streamline our coaching process even further, and enable better teacher training for our fellows.”

For more information on Torsh TALENT, click here.

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