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Torsh to attend Tech for Schools Summit, October 23 & 24, 2015



New Orleans, (October 15, 2015), Torsh today announced that it will be attending the 2015, Ed Surge, Silicon Valley Tech for Schools Summit. The summit is designed to give educators the opportunity to engage with leading education technology companies and learn how technology can be deployed to improve instruction and learning.  Torsh will be giving educators the opportunity to explore how video can be used to develop teaching practice.

“The use of video in schools is still relatively new and untried by many teachers,” states Courtney Williams, CEO of Torsh. “Interactive video is being used by tech-savvy teachers to design lessons that engage students. Our goal in attending the Summit is to help education leaders, principals and coaches, understand how video can be used to better engage teachers and enhance their professional learning.”

The Torsh exhibit at the Summit will give attendees a closer look at Torsh TALENT, a platform that allows teachers to upload videos, watch and self-assess their classroom practice, share the video with others to request feedback or promote a lesson as an exemplar of great practice. The platform facilitates collaboration by connecting teachers, coaches, and principals in online learning communities where videos, uploaded by teachers from within their school, are used to examine what’s working in the classroom and where there are areas for improvement.

“Teachers are still a little afraid of embracing video,” states James Jackson, a former teacher and Manager, business development at Torsh. “They still fear that the video may be used as an evaluative tool. But once they learn that they can be in control, self-assess a video to see how they taught a lesson, or reach out to a peer and request feedback on classroom practice, that’s when you really start to see a shift in collaboration and instructional practice across a school.”

Torsh TALENT customers include districts, charter schools, institutions of higher education, and education nonprofits. Customers want to ensure that professional development, coaching, mentoring and pre-service training, result in improved classroom instruction. Video offers them a cost-effective means of assessing the effectiveness of classroom instruction in their school or organization. 

Educators attending the Ed Surge Summit are invited to stop by the Torsh table where they can check out TALENT and post a product review to the Ed Surge website. Educators will also have the ability to complete a small survey about their current and future use of video in their PD activities

The Summit is being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on October 23 and 24. More information is available here.

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