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Using Video to Enhance Teacher Professional Development



In this episode, we talk with Dr. Melissa Jackson, former K-12 educator and administrator, now working with Audio Enhancement, to bring the professional development benefits of video in the classroom to teachers nationwide.

During this casual Q&A with Dr. Jackson, we look back at the unlikely path that guided her to become an educator and evolution (thanks to her technical aptitude) into the Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) for Newton County Schools, and ultimately on to become the Regional Education Development Specialist for Audience Enhancement.

Jackson was at the forefront of bringing video into the classroom. During her time with Newton County Schools, the district was the first in the United States to implement cameras in every classroom in 2014. This experience, along with other highlights shared from her career as an educator throughout this episode, shows the role coaching, mentorship, and professional development has played for her. It is also recognized in her passion for inspiring other teachers today.

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