Torsh Talent | Coaching Corner

Coaching that changes the game

See for yourself

Goal. Set. Track.

Capture insights in real time

Our Coaching Corner includes a running record for walkthroughs. Take timestamped notes that are private or shareable and ready to use in your coaching sessions.

Conduct observations your way

Whether performing formal or informal observations, in-person or video, you can track observations in our Coaching Corner and use them within coaching sessions.

See your teachers grow

Effectively monitor and track teacher progress over time. For each teacher, set primary and secondary goals, as well as tag goals to competencies.

Stay connected

Chat online or make a video call with anyone else in your school or organization's TALENT system. This includes multi-person video calls, screen sharing, and video call recording, as well as the ability to save recordings to your video library.

Create coaching logs

Track and observe coaching interactions and behaviors through the creation of custom coaching logs. This allows you to easily pinpoint dosage, frequency, and effectiveness of coaching during each coaching session.

Save time

Sync your Google Calendar and allow teachers to schedule time when you are available. Get reminders so you're always on time.

Stay organized

Easily navigate coaching data by storing your observations, supporting documents, artifacts, and goals all in one place.