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TORSH Inc. and the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Launch an Online Community to Help Early Intervention Administrators Build High-Impact Coaching Programs


Your Coaches Corner provides free access to resources, best practices, and a community of practitioners focused on strengthening coaching in the field of early intervention.

    New Orleans, LA, November 28, 2023 — TORSH Inc. and the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children (DEC) proudly announce the launch of Your Coaches Corner. This collaborative online community provides early intervention and early childhood administrators with guidance, support, and resources to build scalable and impactful educator/practitioner coaching programs at the state, county, and regional levels. This partnership signifies the commitment of both organizations to advance evidence-based practices through high-quality coaching and professional learning.

    “Much research has shown that coaching and professional learning increase the effectiveness of educators and practitioners,” shared Peggy Kemp, Ph.D., Executive Director of DEC. “Our members are seeking ways to support their staff and improve services and know that coaching is a key component in achieving those goals. Partnering with TORSH to provide this free online community that is focused on learning and collaborating in order to build strong coaching programs is a significant benefit for our members.”

    Your Coaches Corner serves as a trusted source for expert insights, best practices, and useful tools to guide early intervention organizations as they develop effective and sustainable coaching programs. By providing a secure space for administrators and leaders to engage in discussions, share resources and experiences, and support one another, organizations at all stages and phases of building their coaching program will be able to avoid common pitfalls and roadblocks and accelerate the impact of coaching on practice and services.

    “Our mission at TORSH is to provide the early education and intervention community with great tools and expertise that support their growth, learning, and progression, which in turn leads to positive change for young children,” commented Courtney Williams, CEO of TORSH Inc. “Your Coaches Corner is a way for us to advance our shared goal with DEC to ensure the use of evidence-based practices and develop the skills and talent of early education practitioners.”

    Your Coaches Corner is built on the TORSH Talent coaching and professional learning platform. Hundreds of early intervention organizations across the country rely on the FERPA compliant and HIPAA secure online platform to facilitate anywhere, anytime coaching, training, and collaboration. With TORSH Talent, organizations have a 360° infrastructure, including actionable data, to support high-impact coaching and professional learning that improves practice.

    The resources and community within Your Coaches Corner will be invaluable for Part C coordinators and other state and regional level early childhood and early intervention administrators as they address the challenge of attracting and retaining exceptional educators and practitioners and moving the needle on healthy outcomes for all children. Learn more at The community is free for DEC members to join.

    About DEC
    The Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children (DEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting policies and practices that result in enhanced outcomes for young children with disabilities ages birth to eight and their families. Learn more at

    About TORSH
    TORSH Inc., a New Orleans-based education technology company, is dedicated to improving childhood outcomes by increasing educator and practitioner instructional effectiveness. TORSH Talent, an online coaching and professional learning platform, enables organizations to support educator growth through the entire development cycle of observation, assessment, goal setting, feedback, and coaching. Learn more by visiting

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