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Record high quality classroom audio and video

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<p>T Uploader App with Tablet</p>
<p>Nolan MIC2 Bluetooth Microphone</p>
<p>AmazonBasics Tripod with <a href="" target="_blank">Accmor Adapter</a></p>

Everything you need to record high quality videos for just $99!

T Uploader App with Tablet

TORSH Talent's T Uploader app with seamless bluetooth audio integration coupled with any iOS or Android mobile device enables educators to easily record high quality classroom video and automatically upload the videos to TORSH Talent.

Use mobile devices you already own
One-click capture and upload directly from the T Uploader app to the cloud
Automatically upload recorded videos to TORSH Talent
Use built in microphone or connect seamlessly to any bluetooth mic or headset

Nolan MIC2 Bluetooth Microphone

This bluetooth mic makes it easy to record clear quality audio in the classroom when connected via bluetooth to the T Uploader app. This is particularly useful when recording large groups or in large rooms.

Easily connect to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth - no adapters necessary
Works with iOS and Android devices
Enhance and improve the audio quality of your classroom recordings
Ensure better audio transcription

AmazonBasics Tripod with Accmor Adapter

This lightweight tripod allows educators to record high quality "hands free" video recordings of entire classroom sessions. With the addition of a tripod adaptor, educators can use any smartphone, tablet or camera to record video.

Record stable video using a tripod - adapter combination
Support hands-free video capture even when recording solo
Use tripod on desk/table, or expand up to 60” tall to use without a desk/table
Ensure optimal recording with the built-in level to adjust frame

Why Do You Need Additional Equipment to Record Classroom Video?

Honestly, we don't think you need anything other than a smartphone or tablet to capture videos. Coupled with the Torsh TALENT T Uploader app, you can capture videos and upload to the cloud in a matter of seconds. However, we understand that our clients record video for a number of different purposes and some of those purposes require higher quality audio and "hands free" recording. As a result, we've spent quite a bit of time researching the most efficient and cost effective ways to record "hands free" video with great audio. Based on our research, the equipment package recommended above is the best bang for the buck that delivers great quality recordings. But we didn't just stop there, we researched a range of mics, stands, and lenses across a wide price range to give you a number of different options. Please visit our resources page to see a full list of equipment recommendations, or just click here. Finally, we've provided a comparison chart below to show how our low cost options compare to some of the higher priced hardware systems out there. We'd love to hear what you think about our recommendations, so drop us a line.

Torsh Recommended Equipment vs Other Solutions

Torsh Recommended Equipment Kubi
$99 $499-$599
Spend less than $100 to equip your educators with a set of peripherals to aid in the "hands free" capture of high quality audio and video. Great for the organization on a budget. Kubi is a telepresence robot that coupled with a smart device allows individuals to conduct live video conferences.
Low price makes this ideal for all budgets
Quick and easy set-up, even for educators with limited technology knowledge
Equipment will work with almost all devices- will not become obsolete
Enables capture of clear and reliable audio, even in larger classrooms
Facilitate hands-free video capture that frees up teacher to just teach
As technology changes, high risk of obsolescence
No wireless or bluetooth audio options - uses smartphone built-in audio
Not designed for education -education is a secondary market
Limited motion tracking
Movi Swivl
$399-$649 $450
Movi is a live event camera that coupled with a smart device allows you to capture HD quality professional grade video. The Swivl robot provides a motion sensor to track movement and a microphone for audio.
Regular equipment upgrades needed
Not focused on or designed for education
Still in development
Complex equipment and unnecessary features
Expensive - price has increased multiple times in last 4 years
As technology changes, high risk of obsolescence
Regular equipment upgrades needed
Inconsistent audio quality
Motion tracking is not always reliable - can impede video capture of the whole classroom