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HIPAA-Secure Solution Proves to be a Game-Changer in the Early Intervention & Research Space



TORSH Talent Opens Access to Only HIPAA-Compliant Video Observation & Coaching Platform for State Agencies, Providers & Universities

State agencies and universities have been utilizing TORSH Talent to engage early intervention practitioners, provide family coaching and develop educators since 2012. As use has increased, so has the need for a HIPAA-compliant version of the online professional development platform to further expand its effectiveness to programs that require this additional level of security. As a result, the development of the first iteration of a HIPAA-compliant version, known as TORSH Talent HIPAA-Secure (Talent HS) was quietly launched in January 2018. Today, Torsh is excited to expand access to all higher education, early education, or early intervention organizations, agencies, or institutions requiring a HIPAA-compliant solution.  

Talent HS serves a variety of organizations, from the Florida State University Autism Institute to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Winnie Dunn, a Distinguished Professor of the Department of Occupational Therapy shares how Talent HS has been integral to the success of programs run by the University of Missouri:

Our research requires that we verify who was implementing coaching practices with fidelity. We verified fidelity thanks to TORSH. We captured coaching sessions on video to detect essential elements in each session, giving people remote, real-time feedback for growth. TORSH offered data that allowed us to determine those who were providing evidence-based care and those who needed more support. As a result, we raised the quality of services, efficiently focused our supervision, and created documentation for both studies and oversight agencies.

For many programs similar and dissimilar to Dr. Dunn’s, Talent HS is essential for building more efficient and effective teams and services. The development team at TORSH has worked tirelessly to ensure that the HIPAA-secure platform matches the functionality of the original version without sacrificing any of the features in order to meet compliance. Our already tech-centered world has become increasingly reliant on virtual interactions; Talent HS is the key to practitioners and educators providing the same, if not higher, quality of support to children and families.

Torsh is excited to continue reaching more organizations in need of a highly secure platform while continuing to evolve Talent HS to further meet the needs of our users. To learn more about the features and benefits available on TORSH Talent HS, visit

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