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Only HIPAA-Compliant Platform for Coaching & Observation In Early Intervention Settings

Early intervention strategies are most effective when they are used consistently. Coaching supports both caregivers and early intervention providers to use effective strategies, made easier through the integration of technology.

How Could Torsh Benefit Your Team?

Promote High-Quality Practice Using Evidence-Based Coaching

Gather everything you need to support practitioners in one convenient place, and consequently increase the capacity to deliver more, higher-quality coaching. Observe family interactions, anywhere at any time, with HIPAA-compliant security, and provide timely, evidence-based feedback.

Increase Access to Resources for Children, Caregivers & Practitioners

Provide early intervention services for children and caregivers by minimizing disruption and allowing providers to observe and connect with families in their natural environments. Support the caregiver coaching model and collaborate with all providers involved in the family’s plan for care in one collaborative, secure, online platform.

Monitor & Measure Progress with Detailed, Actionable Data

Analyze the data associated with feedback via our data insights tool, in an environment approved for use by State Departments of Health requiring HIPAA-Compliance. Practitioners can collect and analyze information for their own review, shared with coaches for ongoing development and support, or used to inform providers’ implementation of next steps.

Minimize Constraints by Capturing & Observing Interactions In-Person or Virtually

Supporting remote interaction is essential these days – luckily, TORSH Talent was built for it! Provide timely services, and increase access to specialists. Families receive support based on the team’s decision and eligibility regardless of location.


Caregivers are connected with remote providers for consultation and collaboration. Interactions are recorded and can be uploaded any time via secure mobile app, reducing the limitations sometimes encountered with slower internet connections.

Capture & Unify Research Data

Research the effectiveness of evidence-based theories of practice by tracking all coaching and provider interactions in one highly secure online environment. TORSH Talent is efficient and user-friendly, and we are here to support you as you identify new benchmarks for professional learning.

Learn More About How Torsh Could Benefit Your Team

Whether performing research, coaching practitioners, or observing early intervention interactions, our HIPAA-compliant platform provides a secure tool to meet your unique needs.

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