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What You Need to Know About Improving School Readiness Coaching



While we all know the importance of School Readiness Programs to help children foster social, emotional, intellectual, and physical aptitude before kindergarten, what’s often missing is how technology can better equip early education practitioners with the resources and support needed to improve their practice further. Fortunately, Connecticut’s focus on equitable education and new investment in early education workforce development funding shouldn’t be a limitation to utilizing technology to bring teams up to speed. TORSH Talent is the most comprehensive platform for your professional learning needs.

School Readiness Programs that have partnered with TORSH have made significant strides in ensuring that all children are prepared for success in school. Having a user-friendly platform that has revolutionized how educators develop, collaborate and share best practices without the need to bring on more staff and eliminates the need for extra staff hours.  With Talent, educators can work together regardless of location and identify areas where they can improve and grow. Furthermore, school districts like New Britain and Waterbury have seen other benefits like increased engagement, stronger adult-child interactions, and improved outcomes. This is true empowerment in the making and allows educators to stay ahead of the curve by improving their practices.


School Districts Increase Efficiency without Compromising Quality

Even in an ever-changing environment, your School Readiness program can soar, all while saving time and money. School leaders have seen the power of successful professional learning and coaching that supports individuals to become their best.

New TORSH customers can look forward to the following:

  1. Refocusing their School Readiness Programs so that they follow evidence-based models and include coaching, training, learning, collaboration, assessments, and feedback.
  2. Significantly reducing the time and money by conducting more comprehensive and efficient observations using observation forms and assessment tools.
  3. Empowering early child education practitioners to become more data-driven with an evidence-based platform that includes model-based coaching, training learning, collaboration, assessments, and feedback.
  4. Fostering a culture of continuous improvement where every practitioner’s professional learning journey is unique to their individual development.
  5. Strengthening community-based support beyond traditional schools and centers focusing on the family and home.

We strongly encourage school district liaisons and other leaders to consider partnering with TORSH to help improve their school readiness programs like New Britain and Waterbury have. TORSH Talent’s proven track record of success and numerous benefits are well worth considering for any school district looking to improve its educational outcomes.

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