TORSH Talent is an easy to use classroom observation and data management platform that gives school leaders and educators an opportunity to Observe, Measure, Coach, Reflect and Collaborate.

  • OBSERVE teachers in action
  • MEASURE the effectiveness of classroom instruction
  • COACH teachers at scale
  • REFLECT on instructional practice
  • COLLABORATE with mentors and peers

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TORSH Talent Highlights
Private Professional Learning Community
TORSH Talent allows you to deploy your own branded online learning community where users can store, retrieve, share, and manage user generated content at any time and from anywhere, in a secure, cloud-based online repository.
"One-Click" Capture & Upload
Use any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet coupled with T-Uploader, TORSH Talent’s automatic upload app, to facilitate “One-Click” video capture and upload directly from any classroom.
Time Synced Notes & Comments
TORSH Talent facilitates evidence based feedback and reflection by making it easy to add time synced text and audio notes at relevant points in uploaded videos and documents.
Automated Audio Transcription
Uploaded videos are automatically transcribed via TORSH Talent's speech-to-text tagging and transcription engine thereby allowing users to search and retrieve specific video segments in long form video content.
Data Analytics
Audio and text generated from uploaded videos are used to analyze and identify a variety of interactions and behaviors that occur during a video session in order to provide greater insight into classroom instruction.
Data Insights and Reports
Assess, diagnose and track educator professional development and growth over time while also evaluating coaching dosage and quality; generate a variety of reports across user groups and time periods.
Exemplars Library
Create, edit and publish curated files and artifacts organized and tagged with tags of your choice as “best practice” exemplars in your own private online library; share and distribute exemplars across your organization.
Custom Rubrics/Frameworks
Use our structured feedback module to provide evidence-based feedback against any rubric or framework of your choice; we store the data associated with this feedback which can later be analyzed via our data analytics and insights tools.
Video Conference and Live Chat
Utilize live video conferencing and chatting tools directly in TORSH Talent to provide remote coaching, promote collaboration with educators in geographically diverse areas, or conduct live classroom observations.