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Conversations With Courtney: What’s On The Roadmap?

Erin Murphy


It’s been busy around the office this week! We are in the process of hiring some new employees, planning strategy for the year, and honing in on what we want to accomplish for product development in 2017. I sat down with Torsh CEO Courtney Williams to get the inside scoop on what’s ahead for Torsh TALENT, our teacher professional development platform.

BC: Last year, Torsh TALENT became more than just a video platform. How do you plan to expand the use case for TALENT in the next year?

CW: We’ll continue to expand on what we did in 2016. Our goal is to become the premier go-to platform for districts, schools and other organizations that provide coaching, resources and ongoing professional development to educators. We launched Coaching Corner last year, which was a huge step forward. But there are still a number of new features we hope to develop. We also want to improve a number of our existing features and modules.

BC: You mentioned new features. What’s on the horizon?

CW: We will continue to broaden our feature set beyond video observation and feedback. Specifically, we will significantly improve our community and collaboration features. We plan to launch new features that will allow our customers to find, create, and host a wide variety of content that is necessary to support ongoing coaching and development. We will also launch a comprehensive reporting tool that includes a data dashboard and a host of standard and custom reports. These will be optimized for the organization that wants to track educator growth, manage access to content and use data to continually improve the delivery of professional development services.

BC: That’s exciting! As of now, what do you think sets TALENT apart from other professional development platforms?

CW: There are many things that set TALENT apart from our competitors, but I’d have to say one of our key strengths is the robustness and flexibility of our platform. TALENT is built in such a way that a wide range of customers can use it to satisfy their distinct needs. We serve K-12, higher education, early education and service organizations. This encompasses a wide range of clients from district schools, charter schools, teacher preparation programs, Head Start programs, state-based professional development, alternative certifications, and teacher support organizations. We provide tools and services that allow this diverse set of clients to do the important work of training and developing educators. 

BC: It sounds like TALENT has covered a lot of ground in education. Do you think TALENT has applications outside of education as well?

CW: Most certainly, although at this point in time we are 100% focused on building a coaching platform that truly supports and satisfies the needs of our education clients. I got into this game because I wanted to make an impact in education. Down the road, I see applications in the medical field for doctor and nurse training, in law, sales, psychology and a number of other industries. 

BC: That sounds great. Thanks, Courtney! I know there’s a lot of work left to be done but thanks for finding the time to sit down and share your vision for Torsh TALENT. It’s always exciting to hear what’s on the roadmap and learn more about the direction of the company. 


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