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TORSH Talent for Higher Education

Want to embed observations into coursework for your student teachers?

Now Higher Education faculty and administrators can create online portfolios of student work in the classroom for both pre-service and in-service teacher education programs. Through TORSH Talent, Higher Education institutions can integrate current curriculum and Learning Management Systems with an online teacher development platform to allow for full integration of video and other digital artifacts into teacher education programs. Using innovative technology, faculty, coaches, and supervisors are able to remotely observe pre-service and in-service teachers in the classroom and provide feedback with a suite of observation, feedback and coaching tools. Additionally, for faculty involved in ongoing research, TORSH Talent is a safe and secure repository which allows research participants to authorize and share videos and other files with researchers in ways that satisfy a range of research privacy laws.

“TORSH Talent has been instrumental in the instruction and support we provide our Harvard Teacher Fellows at-a-distance. With our Fellows in their Teacher Residencies across the country during the Fall and Spring, TORSH Talent is a powerful tool that allows our faculty to deliver video based coaching, calibrate with onsite mentors, and seamlessly align instruction in our courses with the experiences in the field.”

Victor Manuel Pereira

Lecturer on Education, Master Teacher in Residence

Harvard Teacher Fellows Program

Easily navigate videos using keywords from the automatic transcription available on each uploaded video

Directly record and upload a video to TORSH Talent from any laptop or desktop computer

Upload and store unlimited video, files and data for each user within the TORSH Talent platform

Integrate all features of our platform within your existing LMS (Canvas, Blackboard and Sakai are currently supported)

Preserve teacher privacy by sharing artifacts and files only with trusted peers, colleagues, and mentors

Easily capture video using any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet coupled with TORSH Talent’s automatic upload app

Upload videos and files from a computer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive or FTP

Give and receive written or audio time-synced notes or summary comments on videos and files

Promote collaboration among student teachers more easily through the sharing of videos directly on TORSH Talent

Enable teaching personnel to virtually assist and communicate with student teachers in actual classrooms or while conducting fieldwork

Upload a range of artifacts and files such as lesson plans, student work, and other relevant resources to support observations

Communicate with colleagues via online chat and video conferencing directly within the TORSH Talent platform

Observe and communicate remotely with students in online programs or residencies

Modify privacy and permission settings for each video shared based on use case (e.g. research, coaching, grading, etc.)

Give structured feedback on any video assignment using course-specific rubric or framework

Track evidence and monitor the growth of student teachers over time through their online portfolio of classroom instruction videos

Facilitate the ability of student teachers to build online portfolios containing videos and artifacts of teaching practice for certification purposes

Tag specific domains or dimensions of a rubric or framework to videos and files

Efficiently deliver coaching to your students by viewing their classroom instruction videos and giving feedback at anytime, from anywhere

Add video submission, observation and feedback as part of coursework requirements

Drive pre-service or in-service teacher growth by providing field based observation and feedback, access to portfolio development tools, and coursework embedded collaboration

Remotely coach and take a look into student teacher classrooms by using live video conferencing and chatting tools directly in TORSH Talent

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