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TORSH Talent for Service Organizations

Want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the instructional support services that are offered to your customers?

We help Service Organizations improve the quality and frequency of the services they offer to school and district customers by deploying our cloud based professional development platform to save them time and lower cost.  By integrating TORSH Talent into their current programming and technology stack, Service Organizations can experience immediate cost savings by working with clients remotely in a blended service delivery model or even moving directly to a virtual service delivery model. We offer a variety of flexible, and customizable solutions to fit each Service Organization's needs.

“Prior to using TORSH Talent, conducting video observations was very difficult. Sharing a 15 minute video cannot be done through email, and we also did not want to use a public site to store our videos. [Additionally] ... video observations had been optional for our teachers because of all the inherent challenges. Now it is a part of the expectations. All of our beginning teachers are using TORSH Talent to conduct video observations with their mentors."

Marc Dembowski

Online Learning Specialist

New Teacher Center

Provide access to TORSH Talent via our API or a fully integrated SAML-based single-sign-on with a variety of authentication providers

Utilize our innovative PD platform to facilitate reflection, collaboration, measurement, and coaching with all the features available to our Early Education, K-12 Education, and Higher Education clients

Kickstart professional development and educational consulting services with Torsh’s flexible integration and distribution structure

Provide structured feedback on observations using customized rubrics or frameworks specific to your organization

Modify privacy and restriction settings based on each customer's needs

Create a white labeled version of TORSH Talent to design a professional development environment unique to your customers

Measure the effectiveness and ROI of your professional development, coaching and/or consulting services

Track evidence and monitor growth over time for each of your customers and/or program participants

Remotely provide coaching and consulting services to geographically diverse customers by using live video conferencing and chatting tools directly in TORSH Talent

Identify and promote what great practice looks like by building a library of exemplars

Provide high quality professional development, coaching and/or consulting services to your school and district customers through documented observation and feedback

Some of our Service Organizations Clients :