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Bolster Your Team’s Early Literacy Instructional Expertise & Improve Kindergarten Readiness for Your Young Learners

Help educators develop a deep knowledge of research-based early literacy instruction and how to implement it in their classrooms.

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A New Approach to Professional Learning for Today’s Early Learning Professionals

Early learning providers play a critical role in building children’s foundational literacy skills and preparing them for future academic success. Yet, only 25% of teacher preparation programs adequately address all components of reading instruction.

With Literacy Masterminds™ and the reading instruction experts at The Literacy Architects, your program’s educators will expand their knowledge and confidence in using evidence-based language and literacy instructional strategies.

This innovative approach to professional learning is designed to fit seamlessly into educators’ busy schedules. Over 12 weeks, educators will learn how to confidently:

  • Plan and implement explicit and systematic phonemic awareness instruction
  • Develop children’s alphabet and letter-sound knowledge using evidence-based instructional practices
  • Reinforce early literacy skills through targeted whole group and small group routines
  • Assess students’ pre-literacy skills using diagnostic assessments

Professional Learning Grounded in Experience and Evidence and Powered by Technology

Literacy Masterminds offers a powerful combination of research-based practices, expert trainers and coaches, and cutting-edge technology to help strengthen early literacy instruction.

The Literacy Architects (TLA) provide virtual training, guidance, and coaching aligned to research on the science of reading and with current research on adult learning, including:

  • A focus on specific literacy routines that are modeled by the trainers
  • Synchronous meetings in which teachers are actively collaborating, problem solving, and lesson planning with peers
  • Access to experienced reading specialists and classroom teachers for coaching and feedback
  • Time to reflect on the implementation of practices from the PD

Synchronous and asynchronous learning and coaching are all conducted through TORSH’s intuitive, secure online coaching and professional learning platform for maximum impact.

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Transformative Early Literacy Instruction

Empower Educators to Incorporate the Science of Reading Into Daily Instruction

Literacy Masterminds provides high-quality professional learning that will transform instruction and prepare your young learners for success with reading. In preschool, this includes:

  • Developing oral language through read-alouds
  • Discussions about texts and experiences
  • Teaching phonemic awareness through hands-on activities
  • Introducing letters and sounds through explicit instruction
  • Reinforcing learning with student-led literacy centers

Literacy Masterminds supports up to 20 educators over a 12-week period in learning the fundamentals of the science of reading in the early literacy setting, including instructional routines for phonemic awareness, oral language, and alphabet knowledge.

Synchronous PLC Sessions

Weekly 75-minute Zoom meeting with course instructors where implementation steps are discussed to prepare educators to integrate what they’re learning into their daily instructional routines.

Course instructors are also available once a week for “office hours” during which educators can ask questions about specific students, get guidance to improve their practice, or share a success.

Classroom Implementation

Each week, teachers are asked to implement that week’s PD focus with students. They bring back their successes, challenges, and reflections to the next synchronous meeting to debrief with peers and facilitators.

Literacy Masterminds is teacher-driven and fosters strong relationships that continue long after the 12-week course, building a culture of collaboration and communication that supports continued learning and growth for all participants.

Asynchronous Learning & Practice

Using the TORSH Talent platform, educators watch short PD videos to build on what they learned during the synchronous PLC meetings. They also complete readings, participate in discussions, and are asked to plan and implement lessons that incorporate the evidence-based instructional practices from that week’s PD.


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