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Enhance Teacher Performance, Improve School Readiness Scores, and Boost STAR Outcomes

Help educators build skills to strengthen the achievement of young learners

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Charting a Path Forward with TORSH

Now is the time to strengthen your programs by exploring strategies for training and professional development that focus on improving school readiness, coaching, and literacy professional development & training. TORSH early childhood experts can help you move the needle and maximize impact. 


Early-childhood leaders partner with TORSH to help them:

  • Increase the quantity and quality of coaching and support for educators without increasing staff
  • Improve fidelity of practice implementation and school readiness rates
  • Enhance teacher engagement while fostering retention 
  • Reduce cost of delivering resources that strengthen families and helps build connections
  •  Strengthen adult-child interactions with asynchronous, in-the-moment, evidence-based feedback
  • Optimize data-based decision-making capacity
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Invest in Teaching Effectiveness

Coalitions like yours can partner with TORSH as part of their effort to address critical needs now while building toward a sustainable future.

Our online coaching and professional learning platform, TORSH Talent, offers a sustainable solution for strategic, evidence-based practice improvement through collaboration, learning, coaching, continuous feedback, and more.

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Enhance Educator Literacy Competence & Confidence

Early childhood educators are often the first line of defense in promoting literacy, which is vital as literacy is the foundation of learning. Early literacy is linked to academic achievement and is essential for children’s development. Discover how TORSH can help jumpstart teacher effectiveness and improve outcomes with professional development and literacy training powered by TORSH Talent.   

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Leverage Literacy Expertise to Drive Impact

Our literacy offering aligns perfectly with coalitions that want:

  • Responsive and timely professional development opportunities
  • Evidence-informed literacy routines as the focus of professional development
  • Safe and supportive spaces for collaboration with peers
  • Opportunities for growth and shared learning through collaboration
  • Resources and materials that support early childhood literacy instruction
  • Ongoing support and mentoring from experienced educators
  • Access to research and best practices in early childhood literacy education
  • Training on effective assessment and progress monitoring techniques
  • Strategies for differentiation and meeting the diverse needs of young learners
  • Integration of technology tools and resources for enhanced literacy instruction



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Invest in a lasting change in your early childhood learning programs.

Learn how TORSH can support your efforts to accelerate educator professional learning to improve scores, enhance school readiness and boost early literacy professional development and training.

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We’re here to support your coalition’s mission and help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together to shape the future of early childhood education.

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