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Do You Need Additional Equipment to Perform Observations?

You only need equipment if you're performing a video-based observation and honestly, you don't really need anything other than a smartphone or tablet coupled with the TORSH Talent mobile app. With this simple setup, you can capture videos and upload to the cloud in a matter of seconds. However, we understand that our clients record video for a number of different purposes, and some of those purposes require higher quality audio and hands-free recording. Plus, we like giving away free stuff. It makes us feel pretty great! Register to win a package that we've diligently researched and found to be the best bang for the buck. Even if it is our buck.

"Teaching is performance art. Like athletes and actors, teachers can make a dramatic improvement when they receive feedback on their performance, and when they can observe and analyze the performance of their peers."

“TORSH Talent has been instrumental in the instruction and support we provide our Harvard Teacher Fellows at-a-distance. With our Fellows in their teacher residencies across the country during the fall and spring, TORSH Talent allows our faculty to deliver video-based coaching, calibrate with onsite mentors, and seamlessly align instruction in our courses with their experiences in the field.”

“TORSH Talent is an important part of teacher professional development. With TORSH Talent, we are able to ensure that the teaching strategies we share with our teachers are actually successfully implemented in the classroom. In addition, teachers are able to self-reflect on practice, receive valuable feedback and easily discuss practice together with their peers."