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TORSH Inc. Partners with Launch Network to Connect Educators to Coaches and Resources for Improved Learning and Wellbeing



NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 —TORSH, Inc., a leading educational technology provider, is honored to announce its strategic partnership with the Launch Network. Through this partnership, the Launch Network will improve learning outcomes across the Rocky Mountain region by increasing unity, wellbeing, and academic success for students, families, and educators.

The Launch Network offers educators crucial resources to aid them in better serving their students and partnering with their families. Among these resources are coaches who serve kids, families, and teachers across multiple school sites and districts in Colorado. To facilitate greater collaboration and quality coaching among these sites, the Launch Network selected the innovative TORSH Talent platform, a secure web-based solution with a mobile application.

Justin Darnell, Co-Founder and Chief Navigator of the Launch Network, shared, “It’s time for better, and we are excited to partner with TORSH in creating a social network for kids, families, and teachers where they can share practice, learn together, and co-create better outcomes for everyone.”

TORSH Talent is well-positioned to support the Launch Network in nurturing personal and professional development by opening doors across learning environments. With the Communities feature, teachers and families can connect to share insights about their approaches and swap resources that further student growth. Time-stamped video feedback, a comprehensive resource library, and the ability to build Learning Paths tailored to each person’s needs for professional learning also set up Launch coaches for successful, individualized mentorship with each student, family, and teacher they serve.

“TORSH is beyond excited to collaborate with the Launch Network as their team innovates on ways to up-level collaboration and drive positive learning outcomes for all students, families, and educators through high-impact coaching,” said Courtney Williams, Founder and CEO of TORSH.

The Launch Network will roll out TORSH Talent across all currently supported locations and extend the social network service to as many K-12 classrooms as possible in the Rocky Mountain region. Through in-person and virtual coaching, as well as centralized teacher collaboration, Launch looks forward to promoting every child’s success and every family’s opportunity to thrive. Learn more about the Launch Network by visiting

About TORSH, Inc.
TORSH, a New Orleans-based education technology company, is dedicated to improving childhood outcomes by increasing educator instructional effectiveness. TORSH Talent, an online coaching and professional learning platform, enables organizations to support educator growth through the entire development cycle of observation, assessment, goal setting, feedback, and coaching. Learn more by visiting

About Launch Network
At Launch Network, we believe learning is beautiful. We believe every kid, every parent, every teacher, and every community member has unlimited capacity to launch their potential and realize transformational learning, together. That’s why Launch provides its partner educators with coaches for both teaching staff and families to guide greater collaboration and co-creation, leading to greater student and educator success, wellbeing, and unity. Learn more by visiting

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