Teaching Trust

School Leadership Development

Teaching Trust is a nonprofit that envisions a community of leaders who have the capacity to transform schools in order to eliminate the achievement gap and ensure all children have an extraordinary education. Teaching Trust has formed partnerships with a unique set of organizations (district, charter, university and talent pipeline providers) that have helped fuel the development of three signature programs that strategically reinforce each other to build the capacity required for transformational change. These programs work in alignment to develop leaders at all levels within and across schools in order to drive dramatic levels of student achievement:


  • Aspiring Ed-Leaders Program identifies and develops excellent new principals. 
  • Executive Ed for Teams Program offers professional development for school leadership.
  • Ed-Fellows Program develops the instructional, influence and leadership skills of leaders who lead school transformation of high need schools in partnership with SMU’s Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.


What They Needed:

    • A tool that would allow program participants to capture on­-the-­job video, and easily and securely share it with Teaching Trust staff.
    • A platform that would allow Teaching Trust staff to i) document feedback while watching the video and ii) and easily share that feedback with program participants.


How They Use TORSH Talent:

    • Contracted with Torsh to provide hundreds of teachers, school leaders, and coaches with access to TORSH Talent.
    • Program participants capture on-­the-­job video and get feedback from Teaching Trust leadership coaches, as well as use video for self-­evaluations.


In Their Own Words:

The TORSH Talent team has been a strategic partner in helping us to better understand and use industry leading technology, which allows us to more efficiently support program participants in real time. Their team is highly responsive and committed to ensuring high levels of customer care.

– Teresa Khirallah, Chief of School Leadership Development