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Don’t Get Lost! Your Guide to Navigating Changes to Talent HS.

Erin Murphy


Don’t Get Lost! Your Guide to Navigating Changes to Talent HS.

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We certainly hope your summer has been all that you’ve imagined. Fourth of July is right around the corner! Woo-hoo! As previously discussed, the TORSH team has been hard at work updating our current platform to bring you the best user experience possible. While we understand that change can be a great thing, it can also be difficult to transition to something new, so we’ve included 4 things that will ease your transition to our redesigned platform.

Let’s take a look!

1. Quick Tips – Available Now!

Have questions about the redesign? Check out some FAQs about Coaching Corner & our New Features Here. We are doing what we can to eliminate some of the stress that comes along new updates. Throughout the course of this rollout we will provide you with helpful documents and videos to assist with the transition. Wondering how you can preserve your current Workflow? Watch these videos that illustrate our most common workflows – how they work now, and how they will work in the redesigned platform.

1. Collaborating on a Group of ArtifactsOld | New

2. Giving Summative Feedback on a Group of ArtifactsOld | New

3. Performing an ObservationOld | New

2. Webinars – Coming in August/September

In an effort to become more hands-on with you all, we will be hosting an informative Webinar Series in the near future. This series of Webinars will dive into the platform on a much deeper level and give you the ins and outs to some of our most common used functions! Take a look at our upcoming schedule. 

TORSH Talent HS Redesign 101: What’s Changed? In this webinar we’ll take a look into the new TORSH Talent HS platform and lay out the differences in what you may be used to versus the current version.

Take a Deep Dive into Coaching Corner Imagine GREAT becoming better? Well that’s essentially what has taken place and we are eager to inform you all about it in the second installment of our webinar series!

Observe & Reflect: Transforming the Feedback Process We close out our informative webinar series by giving you an in-depth look at how we’ve attempted to make receiving feedback much easier.

3. A Newly Redesigned Help Center

Coming in August, our Help Center will contain all new PDF’s, FAQs, & Help Videos pertaining to the TORSH Talent HS platform. Our goal is to get you back to what you love doing; Educating. By providing these documents we are trying to shorten the time needed to grasp all of the platform’s new features.

4. Pre-Recorded Training Videos

We will now provide access to tutorials of the TORSH Talent HS platform 24/7. Role-specific videos will allow Teachers, Coaches, & Admins to learn specific tasks at their own pace and feature-specific videos will take an in-depth look at different aspects of the TORSH Talent HS platform.


We are excited about the new improvements to the TORSH Talent HS platform, and we look forward to helping you get the most out of what TORSH Talent HS can offer!

— TORSH Talent HS Team 

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