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Torsh Clients Top U.S. News & World Report’s List of “Best Graduate Schools of Education”

Lynn Bagwan


At Torsh, we agree with the old adage that a person (or company) is “judged by the company you keep.” And we keep some pretty great company. The U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate School” rankings were published in mid-March, and two of the top-rated Graduate Schools of Education in the country happen to be our clients. We couldn’t be more proud! 

Moving up to first place this year is Torsh client Stanford University. Tying with Harvard University for second place is another one of our marquee clients, Johns Hopkins University. 

Other Torsh partners appearing on this year’s list are New York University (#15), University of Colorado Boulder (#28), University of Florida (#30), Purdue University (#42), Tufts University (#59), UMass Boston (#71) and Howard University (#107). 

Torsh TALENT, our video observation platform, is used in these graduate schools in a variety of ways, all with the goal of providing the best-in-class teacher training. TALENT allows higher education institutions to fully integrate video in their teacher professional development curriculums. Through the use of our innovative video technology, the faculty, coaches, and supervisors in these programs are able to remotely observe teachers in the classroom and provide feedback with our suite of video-based observation, feedback and coaching tools. Additionally, for faculty involved in ongoing research, Torsh TALENT is a safe and secure video repository that allows research participants to authorize and share videos with researchers in ways that satisfy a range of privacy laws.

Having some of the best Graduate Schools of Education in the country using Torsh TALENT in their pursuit of teacher training excellence is a huge feather in our cap. We are excited that so many institutes of higher education have embraced video, and are choosing Torsh TALENT as their platform of choice. Congratulations to this year’s top-ranked schools. And to those who aren’t yet working with us, we hope to have you on board soon!  

For more information on Torsh TALENT and the ways it is being used in higher education, click here

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