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TORSH Talent Streamlines Critical Research Project on Innovative Framework for Early Intervention Providers



Innovative Platform Enables Research on Early Intervention for Children with Autism, Streamlining Collaboration and Data Collection

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2024 — TORSH is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Indiana University’s Special Education program. Their partnership will implement a five-year research project investigating a framework of systematic support to early intervention providers who serve families of toddlers with autism and its effects on provider, parent, and toddler outcomes.

The research team behind this project selected TORSH Talent, a HIPAA-secure web-based platform with a mobile app, to centralize collaboration between the university’s team of intervention consultants and study participants, made up of early intervention providers selected from across multiple states. Kathryn Horn, Intervention Coordinator with Building Interactive Social Communication (BISC) at Indiana University, said, “Using TORSH Talent will make participation in this research project seamless and easy for all participants, storing and transmitting our data to allow for analysis of BISC’s impact on provider, parent, and child learning.”

TORSH’s innovative platform is a useful resource that enables providers to collaborate with the research team. The free mobile app and video recording features allow providers to capture parent-child interactions remotely by seamlessly uploading data and video clips into the platform. The app stores curated resource collections for providers’ easy access to needed tools for weekly sessions with families and allows them to submit self-reflection notes. Secure user permission management maintains the integrity of the study, protecting the “double-blind” nature of data collection and analysis.

“TORSH embraces this unique opportunity to enable critical research on ways to empower the early interventionists who provide essential early intervention services to children with specific developmental needs,” said Courtney Williams, Founder and CEO of TORSH.

About TORSH, Inc.
TORSH, a New Orleans-based education technology company, is dedicated to improving childhood outcomes by increasing educator instructional effectiveness. TORSH Talent, an online coaching and professional learning platform, enables organizations to support educator growth through the entire development cycle of observation, assessment, goal setting, feedback, and coaching. Learn more by visiting

About Indiana University Graduate School of Education, Special Education
Indiana University’s Special Education program prepares teachers and researchers to work with all kinds of learners. The faculty and staff of the School of Education embrace an ambitious mission “to improve teaching, learning, and human development in a global, diverse, rapidly changing, and increasingly technological society.” Through fieldwork, collaborative coursework, and research experiences, students gain knowledge and confidence to pursue educational careers. More information is available by visiting and the PI’s faculty profile.

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