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TORSH Inc. and Teaching Lab Partner to Improve Student Outcomes Through Teacher-Led Learning Communities



New Orleans, LA, March 18, 2024 — TORSH, Inc., a leading educational technology provider, proudly announces its new strategic partnership with Teaching Lab, a nonprofit shifting the paradigm of teacher professional learning. Through their collaboration, these organizations will improve student learning outcomes by cultivating shared learning and continuous improvement both within Teaching Lab and with potential partners. 

Teaching Lab aims to increase student achievement by building systems of support for high-quality teaching practices through hybrid and virtual coaching and educator training, each designed with careful attention to crafting teacher-led learning communities. Through the innovative TORSH Talent platform, coaches will support partner school districts across the country to observe teaching practices for improvement, mentor aspiring teacher leaders, and facilitate cross-district collaborations for shared learning. 

With their expertise and background in professional learning and coaching, TORSH is a partner well-positioned to help Teaching Lab ensure the success of these support systems for educators. “By using TORSH Talent across our organization and partners, Teaching Lab will merge the best research on teacher coaching with modern tools for collaborating, innovating, and improving teaching practices,” said Dr. Sarah Johnson, CEO of Teaching Lab.

TORSH Talent is a secure web-based solution with a mobile application, built to seamlessly support the implementation of those elements of professional learning that research shows lead to improved student outcomes. Through features like time-stamped feedback on coaching videos, in-platform video conferencing, goal setting and tracking, discussion forums, and a resource and exemplar library, TORSH Talent offers a robust toolkit for Teaching Lab to drive its mission forward. 

“TORSH looks forward to partnering with Teaching Lab on this vital effort to improve teaching practices for the benefit of all students,” said Courtney Williams, Founder and CEO of TORSH.

Together, Teaching Lab and TORSH will create a model for future district and school partners to successfully implement teacher-led continuous improvement through virtual and hybrid coaching and training. 

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About TORSH, Inc.

TORSH, a New Orleans-based education technology company, is dedicated to improving childhood outcomes by increasing educator instructional effectiveness. TORSH Talent, an online coaching and professional learning platform, enables organizations to support educator growth through the entire development cycle of observation, assessment, goal setting, feedback, and coaching. Learn more by visiting

About Teaching Lab

Teaching Lab is a nonprofit organization with a mission to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning for educational equity. We envision a teaching profession where educators own and drive a culture of learning and continuous improvement in their instructional practice, dramatically improving equitable student outcomes. Our approach is based on rigorous research, which we summarize as “Head, Heart, and Habits”, with educational equity as the end goal. 

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