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PLAYBOOK: Tackle the Biggest Challenges in Education Today



Help Educators and Students Thrive in the Midst of the Perfect Storm

It’s no secret that K–12 organizations are facing a perfect storm of priorities and challenges today, including closing student learning gaps, increasing teacher retention, and improving instructional quality.

If there’s a chance at bouncing back in an era of astronomically high educator burnout rates and lower than ever student achievement, research tells us it exists in job-embedded professional learning, coaching, and collaboration.

It’s never been more clear that the right practices paired with the right tools can lead to transformation. Dive into this playbook to explore four proven ways to support the growth and satisfaction of teachers in your district:

  • Communities of practice
  • Individualized coaching
  • Personalized learning pathways
  • Continuous Improvement

Even though you may be lacking time and staff, your organization can make a big difference using virtual tools that lighten the lift on implementing these four strategies and increase productivity, motivation, and engagement.

Create a brighter future for students and educators using the research-based strategies, tips, and tools shared in this playbook.

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