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Robyn Hartzell



Robyn Hartzell has served in education since 1998. She has experience in a variety of roles, including teacher, instructional coach, reading interventionist, trainer, and consultant. Robyn completed her undergraduate degree at Sam Houston State University in 1998 and obtained a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Texas in Arlington in 2008. She taught first grade for eight years before moving into a reading specialist/instructional coaching position. After eleven years on campuses, Robyn spent seven years at the second largest Educational Service Center in the state of Texas, serving first as an English Language Arts Consultant, then Program Coordinator for Literacy Services. Her expertise is in balanced literacy, instructional coaching, and providing intervention in reading and writing. I am passionate about the importance of coaching teachers in their craft and providing them with tools to help every student succeed.

Today, Robyn shares her experience and offers her expertise about taking a blended approach to coaching to improve literacy instruction in a series of Micro-Lessons.

Each Micro-Lesson contained a video that frames the lesson as well as specific tasks and discussions to solidify the lesson outcomes. The series was designed to provide participants with tangible ways to use Video-Based Coaching when working with teachers.

Specifically, as a coach, you will be able to:

  • Utilize the LABS Approach in Coaching
  • Appropriately set up their methods for Video-Based Coaching
  • Build Trust with their Teachers in Filming Video
  • Give effective feedback as it pertains to Literacy
  • Utilize ‘look-fors’ and rubrics for evidence-based feedback
  • Provide Learning Content for your Teachers
  • Create Exemplars for Methodology
  • Set Up Groups for Targeted Coaching

Stay tuned for more Professional Learning content coming soon.

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